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Introduction to life cycle assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method used to assess the environmental performance of a product or process throughout its life cycle from production to raw materials to the disposal of used products.

LCA enable your organization to analyze the entire life cycle of your products or services with regards to their environmental, water and carbon footprint, and to display these analyses in a transparent way.


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Why attend?

• Increase your knowledge of LCA

• Learn the most effective approach to the developing a successful LCA

• Learn how to make informed decisions that really improve your overall results

• Learn new tips and tricks from our experts

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What is covered?

• Introduction and overview of LCA

• Principles and framework of LCA

• Development of the Project Goal and Scope

• Creation of LCA Inventory

• Life Cycle Impact Assessment

• Fundamentals of Allocation

• Analysis of LCA results

• LCA report and critical review

• Economic Input-output model (EIO LCA)

• Case studies