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AMD-AEIR Reporting

Our experts deliver value in the following area

  • Determine if a facility meets reporting requirements
  • Identify relevant emission sources (Point and Non-Point)
  • Calculate and report total emission by equipment source
  • Gather and report the required administrative information
  • Quantify and report the required release point information.
  • Quantify and report the required unit, process and equipment information.
  • Gather and report the required non-point source information.
  • Gather and report the required pollution control technology and equipment information.
  • Report Emission Limit Information
  • Quantify and determine the annual actual, normal and maximum emission rates
  • Quality assessment and control
  • Inputting data into AMD AEIR form
  • Report calculation methodology

Beginning in 2019, all Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act approved industrial facilities are required to carry out an inventory of their sources and air emissions. The AEIR Program collects required air emissions and related information from EPEA approved industrial operations meeting set reporting thresholds for the criteria (common) air contaminants (CACs). 

MICONE offers end-end services to help businesses address the Annual Emission Inventory Reporting requirements (AEIR) set out in the Air Monitoring Directive (AMD) Reporting Chapter and the Substance Release Regulation . We cover all facets of data gathering, emission inventory, quantification, pollution control, reporting, and verification. We also cover the complete emissions reduction project cycle.

AMD Annual Emission Inventory Reporting (AEIR)

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