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MICONE uses a holistic approach to assessing environmental impact. We provides a framework for assessing a project’s potential adverse and beneficial impacts, on the client’s behalf to regulatory agencies.

Our experts deliver value in the following area:

  • Permitting and regulatory approvals
  • Tracking applicable regulatory developments
  • Obtaining requisite environmental permits for existing and new operations
  • Preparing and filing required environmental reports
  • Representing the client during agency inspections and meetings
  • Program Management (ISO 14001, ISO 9000, EIMS, Health and Safety programs)

Regulatory Permits and Impact Assessments

MICONE will provide client specific solutions for managing all components of environmental impacts through site investigation for groundwater, air, and soil concerns.

Our expertise includes a wide range of environmental issues related to air, water, and pollution prevention and control. We specialize in the following services areas to support your company’s environmental operations.

We provide services in the following areas;

  • Environmental Impact Study and Assessments
  • Groundwater Resource Assessments
  • Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Permits
  • Soil and Groundwater Impact Assessments