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  • Assessing the gap between current regulatory status and the Base level industrial emission requirements (BLIERs) and develop business plans to deal with the identified gaps that could lead to non compliance
  • Conducting Risk Assessment for your organization with respect to the BLIERs
  • Conducting technical evaluation for all the ‘’at risk’’ equipment
  • Identifying external and internal business reporting requirements
  • Developing and implementing the business processes, supporting guidelines, standards and tools associated with the BLIERs
  • Conducting self-assessments & audits
  • Delivering BLIERs awareness in your organization
  • Communicating with Environment Canada


MICONE tracks the ongoing development and promulgation of the new Canadian Air Quality Management System (AQMS). Elements of the system include ambient air quality standards, air zones and air sheds, and Base Level Industrial Emissions Requirements (BLIERs).

BLIERs are intended to ensure that all significant industrial sources in Canada, regardless of where facilities are located, meet a good base-level of performance.

BLIERs are quantitative or qualitative emissions requirements proposed for new and existing major industrial sectors and some equipment types. These requirements are based on what leading jurisdictions inside or outside Canada are requiring of industry in “attainment areas,” adjusted for Canadian circumstances.

BLIERs are focused on nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and particulate matter (PM). The intent of BLIERs is to achieve a consistent base-level of performance for major emitters across the country.

BLIERs will be regulated by the federal government under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and will set emissions requirements for major industrial sectors and specific types of equipment based on what leading jurisdictions require of industry in areas of good air quality.

BLIERs apply to equipment in nearly every facility and are one of the first areas addressed in many permitting studies. It applies to an individual source or piece of equipment (e.g Boilers, Reciprocating engines), to a facility (e.g Refinery, Oil Sand), a specific process or fuel-type or any combination of the above.

MICONE can be of great value in helping you determine the applicability of BLIERs to your operations.