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INCENTIVES APPLICATION: Emissions management and reduction programs

MICONE will support our clients with incentives/funding applications for energy efficiency projects and Methane Emission Reduction Projects. We are an approved contractor under the following programs.

Our Expert delivers value in the following area:

• Documentation review: Analyzing energy consumption data and reviewing design to identify priority areas for potential improvements

• Process Mapping: Mapping the fuel and power consumption as well as equipment mapping

• Process Optimization: High level process analysis and optimization. Best practice implementation case

• Technology Evaluation: Evaluating technology changes, fuel switches, and energy conservation options related to operational practices

• Opportunity definition: Conducting detailed analysis for each energy reduction opportunity

• Prioritization: Ranking energy reduction options based on technical feasibility, economic viability, and overall business impact in the short-term and over time using carbon, fuel, and electricity price escalators

• Conducting energy audits and facilitating the implementation of priority improvements

• Delivering energy efficiency awareness training to staff to improve conservation efforts

• Energy Management system implementation


MICONE Energy management solutions combine process and operational improvements with cultural change methodologies.

Our experts can help your organization reduce energy costs, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and risks while achieving significant business benefits. MICONE Energy Efficiency Consulting team has extensive experience in energy-intensive industries, from Refineries, to oil and gas mining, extraction, upgrading and chemical manufacturing.

Our interdisciplinary team analyzes the technical, economic, and regulatory factors critical for determining the feasibility of the energy improvement options.

The key opportunities for savings includes:

• Intelligent Speed Control for Fans and Pumps using Variable Speed Drives

• Installation of High Efficiency Motors

• Strategic Load Shedding for Banks of Compressors and Boilers

• Minimization of Compressed Air Usage

• Water and Steam Usage Optimisation

• Improving Response to Process Loop Setpoint Changes

• Stabilisation of Process Loops to Optimise Setpoints