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Help your municipally-owned recreation facility reduce its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through the Recreation Energy Conservation Program!

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Our Expert provides value in the following ways:

  •  Establishing the audit mandate: Getting support from the management team and defining the expectations and outcomes of the audit.
  • Establishing the audit scope: Defining the energy-consuming system to be audited.
  • Analyzing energy usage and costs: Collecting, organizing, summarizing and analyzing energy billings trend that apply to them.
  • Comparing energy performance: Determining energy use indices and compare them internally from one period to another, from one facility to a similar one within your organization, from one system to a similar one, or externally to best practices available within your industry.
  • Establishing energy use patterns: Determining the time relationships of energy use, such as the electricity demand profile.
  • Inventory energy use: Preparing a list of all energy-consuming loads in the audit area and measuring their consumption and demand characteristics.
  • Identifying Energy improvement opportunities: Including operational and technological measures to reduce energy consumption.
  • ​Conducting a condition survey: Assessing the general level of maintenance and operational practices that have an impact on energy efficiency and identify cases that needs further assessment as the audit progresses.
  • Assessing the benefits: Determining the potential energy and cost savings, along with any co-benefits.
  • Reporting for action: Reporting the audit findings and communicating them as needed for successful implementation

Conducting an energy audit will not only get you started on your energy management program, it will get you significant savings.

MICONE audit process is designed to determine where, when, why and how energy is being used. This information is then used to identify opportunities to improve efficiency, decrease energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change

ENERGY AUDIT and Engineering studies