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Our experts deliver value in the following area:

  • Using LCA to compare various types of similar products for granting eco-labels
  • Providing LCA results for clients to make informed decisions on products and process choices
  • Analyzing the life cycle stages to enhance the environmental value of a product
  • Optimizing production methods through LCA

life cycle assessment (lca)

MICONE will conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to enable your organization to analyze the entire life cycle of your products or services with regards to their environmental, water and carbon footprint, and to display these analyses in a transparent way.

LCA is a systematic approach to analyzing and comparing products, process and services. It covers the whole life cycle from the production of raw materials to end of life of the product.

MICONE uses LCA to:

  • Identify processes and systems that are major contributors to environmental impacts
  • Compare different options within a particular process with the objective of minimizing environmental impacts
  • Provide guidance on long term strategic planning concerning trends in product design and materials