MICONE has extensive experience to assist facilities with EPS registration, compliance and verification process as well as provide professional advise and strategies on:

  •  Determine if a facility is required to report
  • Determine the best planning option for the facilities (e.g. opt-in to the EPS or pay carbon levy)
  • Establish GHG Emission intensity reduction targets
  • Determining whether a facility would generate emission performance credits (EPC)
  • Third Party Verification (EPS Verification)
  • Assist with the Ontario’s EPS Program Registration
  • Assist with the Ontario’s EPS Compliance Reporting
  • Assist with the Ontario’s EPS Compliance Verification 

EPS-Emissions Performance Standards Program

On March 31, 2021, Environment and Climate Change Canada announced its intent to remove the application of the federal OBPS from Ontario facilities effective January 1, 2022. The Emissions Performance Standards (EPS) program ensures polluters are accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions and will help Ontario achieve its share of Canada’s 2030 emissions reduction target, without a carbon tax. Emissions performance standards are used to determine an emissions limit that industrial facilities must meet each year. The standards become stricter every year, requiring emitters to either reduce their emissions or pay for exceeding the limits.

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