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Why attend?

• Increase your knowledge of GHG inventory quantification

• Learn the most effective approach to the quantification of a successful GHG project

• Learn how to make informed decisions that really improve your overall results

What is covered?

• Introduction and overview of GHG inventory

• Organizational, operational and project-level Boundaries

• Design and development of GHG inventories

• Identification of emission sources

• Tracking, calculating, reporting

• Managing organization and project-level GHG

• Quantification of the GHG Emissions offsets

• Inventory Quality Management

• Setting GHG reduction targets

• Inventory Quality Management

INTRODUCTION TO Greenhouse gas (GHG) Emissions Quantification

GHG inventories offer information that is critical for industries, government, NGO’s and individuals taking measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The quality of your inventory data relies on the use of right methodologies and data sources.

Energy, Environmental and Regulatory